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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the recreation and park commission occurring august 21, 2014 will begin shortly.
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>> the recreation and park commission hearing will the second please call the roll. >> commissioner low. >> here. >> commissioner bonilla. >> here. >> commissioner levitan. >> here. >> commissioner mcdonnell. >> here. >> commissioner wei. >> here. >> and commissioner buell does have an excused announcement. we ask that you turn off electronic sounding devices that
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could go off during the proceedings and take conversations outside for the meeting to proceed as efficiently as possible. if you want to speak please fill out a blue card. you don't have to but it helps the meeting get go smoother and each person will have three minutes for public comment. if there is an item of interest you would like to speak on and it's not on the agenda you would speak on item four which is the general public comment. we do that for 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting if you're not able to fit into item four we have general public comment continued on item 8. and when you do make public comment please address your comments to the commission in order to allow equal time for all neither the commission nor
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staff will respond to questions during public comment. the commission may ask questions of staff once public comment is closed. so i also need to announce that item 7 kezar track replacement is off calendar and not heard today and commissioner low asked that i make an announcement for considering the possible extension of lincoln park golf course lease which is item 9. the agenda contemplates a vote in closed session. however, the commission will take the vote on this matter in open session after concluding closed session. with that we are on item number two the president's report. >> well, this is the vice president's report. i would first like to acknowledge
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commissioner wei who is a brand-new commissioner. i continued was your birthday yesterday so happy birthday. [applause] commissioner wei the mic is yours why don't you say something about yourself. >> can we asked that phone be turned off please. go ahead commissioner. >> good morning everyone. i am so excited to be able to have this role here to serve the city and i have two daughters. they are 12 year old and five year old and we have been using the park a lot in san francisco for years so i want to be here to make sure in the future so you can enjoy it. thank you so much. >> congratulations commissioner wei and welcome to the commission. i would like to read the mayor's address on attendance. this is for all commissioners. in an effort to
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set standards for board and attendance i would like to take the opportunity at the beginning of fiscal year 2014-15 to remind you of the attendance set forth in my office which is the mayor's office, all of which are consistent with the expectations of the community you represent and serve. i believe that consistent attendance by commissioners allows each appointed body to function effectively and advance department goals as well as to reflect your commitment to the people of the city and county of san francisco. therefore in an effort to remind all of the standards to which they are held i ask that commission presidents share with their respective bodies the following baseline standards. a working goal of 100% attendance for commissioners. we ask commissioners to remain cognizant of regularly scheduled
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meetings and factor those into the yearly schedule. however, we understand that emergencies and illnesses arise occasionally therefore so reason to expect 90% at attendance at full commission meetings. two, if a commissioner is unable to attend a meeting then it is the responsibility of that commissioner to contact the commission secretary no fewer than 24 hours prior to the meeting to notice the secretary of the absence. if this doesn't occur the absence is deemed unexcused. three, commissioners are expected to show up on time for meetings and sit for the duration of meetings. instances of tardiness and early exits are noted and are noted with overall attendance. i asked the secretaries to compile reports on attendance and submitted them to my office and posted online for the public review and allow
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my office to track individual commissioner participation. inclusive in this is attendance, unexcused absences and tardies and early exists and finally when reviewing commissioners this is given significant consideration. perhaps the secretary could distribute this email that's policy to all commissioners on this commission. also i wanted to note on august 17 the general manager and i attended the fourth annual china tong ping pong tournament and we lost to the mayor but it was a fun event -- >> [inaudible] >> well, it was politically correct to do so; right? the ports smith square and it was
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held at willy woo woo clubhouse and it was a lot of fun. >> is there anyone that would like to make public comment under the president's report? seeing none public comment is closed. we're on to number three the general manager's report. >> good morning commissioners and welcome commissioner wei. ping pong was buried deeper in the report but i will jump into that just to get commissioner low off the hook here. the mayor's really good. he's been practicing. he's really good but it was a terrific event and as commissioner low noted i had the pleasure of participating on three rec and park teams that competed and my own team and larry and dennis and others and they were picking me up. we
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made it further than last year into the third round of the event has taken off. it's fantastic. it's several sites in chinatown now and to see so many people and team s and the community competing it's a testament to a growing popularity of the sport but really strong community bond between the residents and the nonprofits and city agencies and tons of friendly rivalries and really a super and joyous event. i also want to talk a little bit -- guess what? summer is over. i know some of you have been taking your kids to school like i have. we had an incredibly busy summer at rec and park but perhaps the biggest accomplishment is the growth of the day camps and we were reorganized and our delivery model overhauled and fast forward to today and we completed one of the most successful summers in rec and park history and not only in
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the numbers but the feedback we are getting from parents and others how happy they are with the programs. we had over 18,000 slots and all time high and 94 were filled and we areerating at 90% capacity and we awarded many scholarships and totaling free program for the residents ensuring everyone has a chance to play and a terrific summer and quality and quantity and for the recreation staff the summer is not over and i will get that to a second because we have staff on the way back up to camp mather and i see jim and jerry here and i don't know if i other members of the recreation division but i want to say a big thank you to the entire
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division for working as hard as they did. it was really a terrific summer. the reason we don't have more staff here is because a big chunk of them are on the way up to the camp as we speak. although the family camp ended this summer this weekend is the teen experience and tomorrow i will join bob and members of my staff and nonprofit folks headed up to the camp today for the teen outdoor experience. this is the fourth summer we have done this program and grown every year. we are bringing up 70 kids, some of the most vulnerable youth to be in nature and do all these things in a beautiful place which is the camp mather. we are partnering with the mayor's office, and sfpd and the school district and
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others to host the teen outdoor experience which has been proven to be a great experience and the kids actually joining us for the experience several of them end up working in your department so it's a work force pipeline also which is terrific. right after the teen outdoor experience i should note which sends sunday we are bringing up 60 kids and adults from the sunnydale community which as you know has been beset with quite a bit of violence this summer and we worked with the mayor's office, the department of public health and a few other agencies to arrange to get the kids and their families away. i want to thank the school district for giving excused absenses because they will miss a few days and be in a special program to connect them with nature and get out of the city and relax and smile a
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little bit. this weekend more than 80 volunteers gathered to tackle over grown areas in the parks and moving 2 tons debris and trash for the campaign. i want to thank the mccarren park advocates who are here today for participating. the event is a testament not only to the commitment that the community has to keep the parks clean but to the united investment in mcclearyen park. i want to thanks dpw, the san francisco giant s and the mayor for being great leaders on the giants sweep campaign. save the date. on sunday september 14 in partnership with the city field foundation and friends and numbers of omi celebrating renovations to the [inaudible] rec center and climbing wall and fun for the family. you know the foundation and the city and county of san francisco have
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formed a success partnership that worked on the athletic field deficit and has added thousands of hours of play on the sports field this year and 200 new soccer teams have a place to play and include mission playground, crocker, franklin square, garfield and now [inaudible]. last thursday night history was made at candlestick park and not for the worldest's largest traffic jam but the major concert at the stadium. sir paul mccarthy played to a sold out event and there was bad traffic and working with those affected by this and it's not unique and 47,000 of the ticket holders were in seats when he started
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playing and he didn't disappoint and a far well to this venue that has been the home to the giants and the nineers and received visits from the pope and the world series and the beatles last concert in 66. we enjoyed the sticks celebrations and soccer games and the legends much candlestick game and free community day for 10,000 neighbors around the facility and all across the city to enjoy and take tours and last thursday's night concert and i wanted to thank my staff that worked on the event. proceeds from the event will support the youth scholarship program so we continue to make sure that all of the city's kids have a chance to play and we want to thank everyone that helped say good bye to the stick this summer. it's been busy. outside lands
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and no official numbers in and the out door festival was a success and people came out to enjoy world class music, wine and art and we know the best urban park in the country with mccarren park extremely close. i knew i was stumbling on to that one. we will have allen scott at the next meeting brief you on the festival's success and both golden gate and mccarren park are more fabulous than central park. all right. speaking of mccarren park if mccarthy, out door lands and the festival and the bluegrass festival aren't enough to satisfy your craving for music and make your way to the jerry garcia area and they're hosting
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another installment of free in the park and alin johnson and the all star band is this saturday and visit our website for morinformation or talk to staff who are here right. and just one final note about all of the great events that we've had this summer. i want to give a special shout out to martha cohen. marta is a great partner of this department and has her hand in every major event in the city that requires interagency communication, coordination partnership and great cities host great events and we have been hosting great events because we're a great city and she's a great part of that and i want to thank her and gratitude. lastly i have some acknowledgments here. we have lots of folks in uniform, the orange, and the white. today i want to acknowledge our folks in
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white from street soccer -- san francisco streets soccer and street soccer usa. rob, can you join me -- just join me up at the podium. in addition to the mayor's ping pong tournament street soccer hosted the national cup here in san francisco. it's amazing and extraordinary organization and event and a story that needs to be told and we need to thank rob and san francisco street soccer for their incredible leadership. it's a national program -- i'm going to let rob talk about it a little bit but creates, helps people in vulnerable housing situations and communities develop life skills and job skills through sport and it's a big part of what we help facility at rec and park and we have lots of partners in this space but nobody as noble and as important as street soccer.
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all witnessed the excitement around the world cup this summer and reaches out and helps build bridges across the divide and i want to thank rob for the vision to improving our communities. this is a partnership. we don't do it alone so physician to the relationship with street soccer. >> >> i want to thank the mayor and the board and our director bevan dusty ensuring places have a place to play and the support they need in life. street soccer is a san francisco -- street soccer usa is a national organization. we have a regional chapter out here and what it does locally rob is working with citizens in sem som a the tenderloin and provide
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programming for under served youths and adults. rob worked on a minicourt at [inaudible] playground and had a national tournament with 16 cities from across the country whose teams traveled here, stayed here and my favorite part of the weekend was not just the competition, which i really enjoyed playing, but the opportunity to meet people from very different backgrounds. the way the program was struck uferred rec and park had a team and one of 40 teams that competed and after one of the matches on saturday morning we spent a half-hour with housing vulnerable folks on the l.a. street soccer team and we got to know them, talk about our backgrounds, our love of sport and talk about our challenges and one of the most rewarding ways to get to know
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someone from sport and a different background and different city even and i couldn't be more proud of this program and the job that rob has done so i will turn to over to rob to say a few words and and then we will introduce the san francisco street soccer team and give them some certificates for representing san francisco so well. >> thank you guys. phil covered quite a bit of it but we go into shelters and drug rehab centers and service centers and give people a safe place to be accepted and then through the platform of the team we can deliver a curriculum of life and job skills ultimately and connecting them to jobs and further education so the national cup we hosted was a culmination of the year's work so first and foremost a big round of applause or my hats off
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to our guys here in san francisco that stood up and said homelessness is a situation that i am in but it doesn't define me as a person and through our program and through community collaboration and other nonprofits and larkfield services and st. vincent center and accomplishing the goals and moving into housing and jobs. the other portion that i think phil touched on which is really important is that we work with the parks department to run an adult rec soccer league on some of the amazing facility that parks has been able to overhaul and make available so wofn the participants is a employee of the league we run so we employ him to set up the league and generates for the program to operate during the year. thirdly as phil mentioned this event brought together bi


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